Q : What are the benefits of 3D VR Tours + HDR Photos ?

1. Save Time & Increase Safety During Covid-19

When you’re listing a new property for sale, you will receive alot of interests, texts and calls from potential clients. Meeting all of them can be time-consuming. On top of that, some are just curious and may not have any genuine intention to buy.

With a virtual tour, customers can view the property on their laptops or smartphones. Those who are really interested will call for more information. This will free up your time, so you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

2. Cut Costs

Driving back and forth to meet potential clients and show them properties can cost you a fortune. Just think about how much money you’ll save on gas!

The worst part is that you have no guarantee that they will buy. Perhaps they don’t like the hallway. Or they discover that the neighborhood doesn’t suit their lifestyle. Virtual home tours help eliminate these issues. Your only job is to upload the tour on your sites so that customers can view the property in advance.

3. Stand Out from the Crowd

First Impressions Count! The higher quality photos and 3D VR Tour will get clicks and interests on your listings. Virtual home tours will give you an competitive edge bu giving that instant WOW factor to your listings and make your business stand out.

Your clear and sharp photos will also allow customers and potential buyers to trust you more than your competition.

4. Increased Convenience

When you’re showcasing a property, you need to ensure the house is in pristine condition. But, it can be a hassle to call a cleaning agency or get the homeowners to clean up for each viewing.

With virtual tours, you can show off the property in its very best condition. Moreover, you can highlight its key features to entice people into buying.

5. Realistic Experience

Think of virtual tours as permanent open houses. Potential clients can access the tour 24/7 anytime anywhere.

This technology helps create an instant sense of ownership. Those who take the tour can easily imagine themselves living in that house.

We understand the importance of a multi-sensorial open house experience. With every virtual tour, we will also add background music to stage an elevated viewing experience, allowing potential buyers to visualize the possibilities of their new homes.

Promo Package

Q : What does the Promo Package consists of ?

A : 10 x HDR Photos for Property Listing + 1 x 3D Virtual Tour


Q : How much does it cost ?

A : Pricing is by the size of the property.

View the price list here.


Q : How do I make payment ?

Payment is done via PayNow to +65 8817 0221 BEFORE the actual date of photoshoot.

After Payment , screen-shot payment details and WhatsApp to +65 8817 0221 ( LHH ) . A receipt will be issued upon payment confirmation.


Q : Where can I view your portfolio of home tours ?

A : You can view them on our Main Home Page –

We have shot homes of various sizes – from cosy studio apartments to sprawling multi-story penthouses; HDBs and private properties alike. Every VR tour will enhance the benefits of each property.


Q : The property is currently tenanted out or owner occupied , but I need to sell it . Can I still engage your services ?

A : Yes you can. However you are required to inform the tenant/owner to tidy the place for the photoshoot. The agent must go down to ensure that the place is ready for the photographer as they are on a tight schedule.

S$50.00 Transportation Fee is charged if a 2nd trip is required

Check List on Actual Day

Q : What do I need the homeowners/tenants to prepare prior the photoshoot?

1. Turning ON ALL LIGHTS

2. House is CLEAN and TIDY

3. Curtains are DRAWN and TIED

4. Roller Blinds RAISED and STRAIGHTENED

5. Floor Mats to be KEPT or HIDDEN

6. Clothing to be KEPT in STORAGE

Other Virtual Tours

Q : I’ve seen other VR Tours such as MATTARPORT, why do you not use MATTARPORT ?

A : Clients/Agents sometimes have different requests but we were unable to full-fill them with the MATTERPORT system.

We did use MATTARPORT for awhile in the beginning however due to their rigid system,lack of customization and horrendous customer service.

We decided to create our own system that benefits the end user more.

Benefits are listed below

Sharper Images
Better Interface Viewing in Property Sites
SRX,,PropertyGuru etc
Agent Details Linked to Whatsapp/WeChat/Facebook/Email/URL for easy contact
Able to remove/edit objects in each individual scene
Completely invisible in Mirrors or Reflective surfaces
Able to handle Harsh Sunlight conditions
Able to View Offline
( USB Drive )
Fast On-Site Operations
( > 1 Hour )
Background Music
No Hidden Fees